Cupcakes, a Bath and Some Fairy Playtime


How's that for a blog post title?  Today was a wonderful day...once Zoey got home from her sleepover (which she had SO MUCH FUN at and stayed up WAAAAAY too late at!) we had a little cook-out here for lunch where we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had some other fun things to celebrate it being Mother's Day.  After lunch I made some cupcakes for Zoey to take in to school tomorrow since they are celebrating her birthday tomorrow (she has a summer birthday hence the reason they celebrate early).

They were looking a little plain so I added some little pink flags to the tops and Zoey added some glittery stickers.


After making cupcakes I decided to give Leo a bath since he was starting to smell like an old goat.  He was not the least bit thrilled about this turn of events.  You can't tell can you?


After the adventure of bathing Leo we headed back outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I sat and read for a bit and Zoey played with her fairies in-between riding her scooter.


I love how serious she is when she is playing.




It was a wonderful day spent with my little family here...thankful for every moment!

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