Leaps and Bounds


It hit me today as I was running around trying to get this little girl ready and out the door (her dance photos were today) that she is growing up into such an amazing young lady.

I had her stop before getting into the car so that I could snap a few photos here at home before heading to the dance studio, because truthfully...these are the photos that I love the best.  The ones that capture her being Zoey Raen, the queen of life, in all her glory (and in her rain boots).


And I've been getting to play some more with her hair some more now and am slowly starting to look like I know what I'm doing.  I had to take a picture of her hair since I'm just a little bit proud.


Pictures went well...though it was pretty much organized chaos with all the dancers and their mothers running around, there was also a practice for each group afterwards so it pretty much ate up our entire midday.

This evening marks a pretty big milestone in Zoey's life (and mine too if I'm going to be honest), she's spending the night over at a friend's house for the first time ever.  Originally she had been invited to a birthday party that was a sleepover and we accepted the invite to the party but Zoey wanted to come home before the sleepover festivities started up.  Well, today, the day of the party...about 2 hours before it was time to go she asked me what would happen if she wanted to stay overnight after all.  :)  Long story short, we packed up her sleeping bag, pillow pet, doll and her stuffed Larry the Cucumber and she's having her first ever sleepover with the understanding that if she gets homesick all she has to do is call and we'll come and pick her up.  It's 10:09pm now and we haven't gotten "the call" so here's to hoping we make it through the night alright.  I did get a call from the mother sharing some bits of their evening...a little conversation that was overheard.  Apparently there was some clothing changes being made when she overheard this little bit.

Zoey's friend while walking up the steps: "Walking up the steps wearing a mermaid tail is NOT easy!"  Zoey: "Don't I know it!"

What a bittersweet moment!  I was so proud of her for making this decision for herself and for being brave and I also was just a wee bit sad that she's moving just a bit more away from us and into the world on her own.  Which I know is wonderful and amazing...but it makes my heart just a tinge sad.  :)  I know she is having fun and that I will hear all about her adventures tomorrow...if not sooner.  ;)

I love this little girl...this beautiful young lady so very much!

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