Teacher Appreciation Week: Teacher Gift


It's Teacher Appreciation Week and it's the last minute here but we got something together for Zoey to  give to her teacher tomorrow.  I have some old fashioned popcorn boxes that I picked up quite some time ago because I thought they would be fun to use someday and so I pulled one out this afternoon  and my idea for the "movie night" theme went from there.

After school we made a couple of stops, one including the grocery store for some movie style microwave popcorn which we wrapped up and added the following little message...


We also picked up some soda (I think Zoey chose the Cherry Cola because of the cute bear on the front) and we added a little sign reading as so...


And we also picked up a couple of boxes of candy that can be found at the movie theater and added the following little tag as a topper...


We also swung by our local movie theater and picked up a gift card good for a  movie for two.


We did all this today, after school, before homework, dance and dinner.  Whew!  It turned out pretty cute too I think, and it was so worth all the running around we did.  We love Zoey's teacher again this year...we have really been blessed so far with who she has been placed with...hoping this wonderful trend continues!  And to all hard working, invested and caring teachers out there, give yourself a pat on the back and "a job well done" because what you do MATTERS big time!

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