Handmade Doll Clothing "Fashion Show"


Zoey is so very lucky to have grandmothers that enjoy her love of dolls.  One enjoys "shopping" for doll items for Zoey and the other (my mom) enjoys making things for Zoey's dolls, especially doll clothing.  I thought I'd share some of the recent items that my mom has made for Zoey's dolls.  Above you can see pictured a pink robe and slippers that appears to be super cozy.

She made the kimono below and also a matching one for Zoey (which I need to get a picture of as well).  Isn't the fabric beautiful?


Pictured below is a little poncho with some flared hippie styled jeans...which we adore!


And check out the sweet little summer outfit below which includes slacks, a tunic/sundress and bandanna.  She also knit that little blue bag that goes with this swimsuit.


Zoey is so lucky to have such special items for her dolls!  Thank you Grannie Annie and mom!

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Katie Rose said...

Wow...she is lucky!! Those are all amazing!