Old Photos


I was looking through some old photo albums today and came across some photos that hold some special memories to them.  The one above was taken at Buena Vista Park in Alma, Wisconsin (a place where when I was young we would go for a little family getaway) which is where Ethan ended up proposing to me.

Then I found some photos from Fish Lake where we would visit my Aunt and Uncle in the summers.


This is my cousin Mandy (red and white striped shirt) and I and here we were just chilling on the porch at the Fish Lake house...I remember bike rides, fishing , eating outside, always having a swimsuit on underneath whatever I was wearing.  Sunburns, staying up a little bit later than usual, many good memories.


I found this sweet one of my mom and I...not sure where it was taken.  When I think of my mom back when I was little I always picture her wearing long skirts and having a bun in her hair.


And then here is one with my all time favorite stuffed friend, Pooh Bear.  I loved this bear so much and he was always around.  He made the perfect pillow and was around for quite some time until he started getting some holes in him which mysteriously made him skinnier and skinnier...and all sorts of little styrofoam-y white balls could be suddenly found in my bed and stuck to my blankets.  Poor, poor, Pooh Bear.  


I love old photos!
Unknown said...

how fun!!!! I love old photos! Maybe that's why I love instagram so much