A Visit to The American Girl Outlet Store in Oshkosh, Wisconsin


Yesterday while visiting family, we made a little day trip to visit the American Girl Outlet store in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with Zoey's grandmother and Aunt (Ethan's side of the family) and we had so much fun!!  We found several things but I wanted to share a couple favorites...I found a box that was a bit beat up sitting on a shelf in the store and when I opened it up I discovered that it was a girl and doll matching apron set (the kind that they have worn in the Bistro Cafe at The American Girl Place) and there were also matching pink flower head bands, mini cookie cutters and some cute recipe cards with recipes on them.  I picked it up right away since it was the last one and we actually put them to use today already!  Soooooooo cute!!  

The outfit that Zoey and her Bitty Baby (Lucy) are wearing are matching outfits too...her Aunt got her the girl sized outfit and we already had the doll sized one.  Lucy feels so loved!  Thanks Aunt Serena!!

We also found this adorable little birthday dress set...and here Emily is wearing it while she is catching up on some studying.

We found the cute adorable aqua plaid jumper dress and tights...both of these outfits came with the original shoes too but we thought the boots were more stylish for today.  :)  McKenna is pictured in her gymnastics leotard (which was a Christmas gift from grandma and NOT found at the outlet).

Here are the professional shoppers!  Zoey, Aunt Serena and Grannie Annie!!

Here are some of our finds...I didn't find images for everything since some of the items we found were retired or specialty things only sold in the stores.

Zoey loves the shower play set and I think my favorite find were the aprons.  In addition to the pictured items, we also found a bottle for Bitty Baby and a 3 piece diaper set, a pair of red and white shoes, a striped turtleneck, a pink knit sweater and two more girl sized outfits for Zoey.  Super fun visit to the outlet, totally worth it!!

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Diana Waite said...

looks like a FUN time--SO fun that she loves these American Dolls!

Char (Doll Diaries) said...

What great finds! Were the prices good? How about the selection? I would definitely love to visit the outlet one of these days.

jennvay said...

the deals were actually better online, I was so frustrated. also the argyle outfit shown here is a bitty twin outfit. they are having a warehouse sale next weekend 8/9/13. but alas I wont be able to drive the 5 hours it takes to get there. but if you live in wi it may be worth it.