It's Been Awhile...


Since we have PLAYED together...really had the heart and energy to get down and PLAY and it feels so good!!  Makes me miss my days of being a stay at home mom for sure, but I am ever so thankful for having a job that allows me to be home with my family for holidays and school breaks, etc. Soaking up this time and seeing it for what it is, a gift!  I love my family sooooooo incredibly much and I feel like shouting it to the rooftops, so here is my rooftop.  :)  It's so easy when days run one into the next and we are filled with busyness...and are tired, to forget who we are, let alone who the person is that shares everything alongside of you is.  Anyways, we're obviously in a good place here...and that feels so good! 

We've been busy playing in the snow, sledding and building snowmen...

We've been enjoying tea, cocoa and Ethan and I have even had an evening or two sipping an adult beverage (gasp!).  

We've been enjoying reading favorite books, some old favorites as well as some of our new books that we got for Christmas.  Zoey and I have been cracking up reading my old childhood copy of The House at Pooh Corner.  LOVE these stories!!

We are enjoying the lights and our simple decorations...and staying up a little bit later than usual.

We made a Christmas card/photo wall this year and it's been fun seeing the images daily of friends and family.

The Jesse Tree that my grandma made for me is hanging and we've read all the corresponding passages from the Bible...

Christmas pajamas are being snuggled in...and there may even have been a day or two where we've stayed in them all day!!

Oh yes, and Christmas toys are getting played with!  I have to admit that I could hardly wait to play with Zoey with the Deluxe Doll Dining set from American is worth every penny in our opinion!! So many fun things to create and do with this set.  We'll have to do up an official review of it, it's that cool!!

And I have to share one of my favorite Christmas gifts...I hung them today, I love my Prosperity Hens!!

Anyways, it's been a wonderful break so's just what we all needed.  Time.  To use it wisely is a craft that I want to perfect...time is family, time is breath, time is love.  Time is ours to use as we choose.  Here is to using it wisely!

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