Merry Christmas!


Santa came!  Our day started with Zoey waking up at 3 in the morning...and me trying reallllllly hard to pretend that I didn't feel her trying to shake me awake.  It worked for awhile and she went back to sleep for a bit and we finally later both woke up at 6 at which time she looked at the tree in amazement while I put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and then we both sat and waited in the dark, tree-lit living room for Ethan to wake up an hour later.

Santa left a heavy duty pink sled this year...he must have known that the orange one she has had gotten a crack in it recently.  Thank you Santa!

First up at our house is checking out what Santa brought in our stockings.  Every year we all get the following: an orange and a Mr. Men or Little Miss book (this year Ethan got Mr. Tall, I got Little Miss Wise and Zoey got Little Miss Helpful)...and then other random little things.  Zoey got a mini Hello Kitty calendar for her dolls, some chapstick, a fairy wand, The BIG book of Happy, Coconut, and a chocolate orange, old fashioned candy cane and an organic chocolate bar.

Zoey is so unlike me when it comes to opening gifts...when I was young I opened up the smallest packages first and saved the biggest for last.  Not Zoey!  She goes for the biggest first and ends with the smallest of gifts!

We aren't super big on the idea of a "wish list" here which can make gift giving more fun because then things are a complete surprise...Zoey was thrilled to get a horse and stable set for her dolls from Santa this year...

We open gifts one at a time here and rotate is Ethan's turn opening something.

Zoey was REALLY surprised to find that we had given her a doll that she had been adoring in the magazine for awhile now.

Meet Bella Luna...she loves to dance and loves...HORSES!!  :)  Thank goodness!  She fits in wonderfully with our growing doll family.

Here are the boys chilling out on the couch in between some gift opening...

Santa AND the fairies left a special gift for Zoey this year under the tree...matching wood fairy costumes complete with wings and tiaras.  So beautiful!!

It's safe to say that everyone is tuckered out here in this house, including the dog!  It was a very full day and what a lovely one to get to share together.  It was sunny and we even got some Christmas snow!

I am so thankful for my little family and that we are together and healthy and happy.  Merry Christmas!
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