Our Trip to Disney World - Day 2: Magic Kingdom (Again!)


Our second day consisted of a visit to the pool right away first thing in the morning.  Zoey had been asking and asking so we had to make that happen otherwise we'd have been hearing it for the rest of the day!  No complaining by anyone else though, it was nice to cool off before heading back to Magic Kingdom.  It felt good on our feet too...if you ever go to Disney, make sure you bring good walking shoes!!!  Your feet will thank you!

In the background behind the pool you can see a sign that reads Animation Hall, that's where we ate when we around the resort for mealtimes.  There were several different options to choose from and it was all very good but if you weren't careful it could add up quick!

Here we are back at Magic Kingdom for another day of exploring.  This was the Liberty Square Riverboat.

Here is the Haunted Mansion...a favorite of Zoey's!

Here we were on our way to visit Ariel in her Grotto.

Meeting Ariel under the sea in her Grotto.


While walking around in Fantasyland we saw Gaston outside of his pub...Zoey didn't want anything to do with him though so I just snapped a quick picture.

We rounded the corner and found Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog so of course we had to stop for her!  She was so sweet and soft spoken.  She was another favorite of Zoey's.

After doing some more rides and getting a bite to eat it was time for the afternoon parade.  We got a great spot to sit and the parade was so fun!!  We got to see so many characters in it and they all make a point to really look your child in the eye as they pass.  It was amazing!

After the parade we went through the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Here is a photo of the park from the top of the treehouse.

The Enchanted Tiki House was the only thing that Zoey felt was a bit less than amazing.  It was a bit strange to tell the truth.  It consisted of a bunch of crazy singing birds!!  :)

This camel that was outside of Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride spit on us!

Here we are embarking on our Jungle Cruise.  The pictures are blurry from all the movement on the boat but I want to still have the memories that go along with them!


And was TIME!!  Time to meet the fairies that is!  One of Zoey's highlights for sure was getting to meet the fairies.  It was so adorable to her with them and it was just fun to watch.


After meeting the fairies it was getting a bit later and so we stopped by for a final ride at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which is another one of Zoey's favorites.  While waiting in line for this one you got to play around a bit in Rabbit's Garden.

We had to take a picture of Zoey in Eeyore's Gloomy Place too!

And this is a shot of the castle that night upon our leaving.  We headed home a bit early our second night to catch up on some rest since we were going on little sleep at this point due to our delayed flight and getting up early and staying out late the night before.

Here is our complete list of things that we did while at Magic Kingdom:

Visited City Hall
Met Mickey Mouse and the Princesses at The Town Square Theater
Visited Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends at Tinkerbell's Magical Nook
Mickey's PhilharMagic Show (Zoey loved this...we did it twice!)
Visited the Fairytale Garden
The Barnstormer Roller Coaster (Zoey WAS NOT a FAN!!)

Day three will be photos from our time at Epcot!

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