Our Trip to Disney World - Day 3: Epcot


On the third day of our vacation we headed out to Epcot.  The forecast predicted rain later in the day and we thought Epcot would be manageable if we were indeed caught in the rain.  Our day started out perfectly.  We arrived at Epcot mid morning and started exploring right away.  Here we are heading in and seeing the big globe of Spaceship Earth for the first's huge!

This was such a cool ride...we all loved it!

After the ride you are let out into an area with different things you can do, Zoey did some driving and she was actually pretty good!

After Spaceship Earth we headed over to The Seas with Nemo & Friends and then enjoyed Turtle Talk with Crush.  We also went on the ride Living with the Land which was really educational as well as fun!

There was also a huge aquarium that we walked through...

Here are some shots taken on our boat ride on Living with the Land.

Then it was off to explore Epcot's World Showcase.  Definitely the highlight for was so fun to explore all the different countries.  It started drizzling while we were there so we got out the ponchos and we weren't slowed down a bit!

It was still so beautiful!

While there, we ate in France at Les Chefs de might be safe to say that it was the most interesting dining experience while visiting Disney.

The area representing Morocco was really beautiful and perhaps my favorite.

We found Snow White at her wishing well around the corner from Germany...she was just adorable and really spent some time with Zoey.  We lucked out because shortly after meeting her it started pouring!

Here we are in China...the architecture was really cool there.  We saw Mulan running in the rain while here but we didn't chase after her for an autograph since it was raining and we didn't want to get Zoey's book all wet.

While telling Ethan about Epcot it was pretty funny, Zoey shared with him that this is where Grandpa Ross kept running back and forth to and from Germany.  Hmmm...wonder why?  :)  I have to admit that the beer and the homemade pretzels are pretty good from there.

Shortly after we were in Japan it started really pouring down rain so we quickly walked through the rest of the World Showcase and headed to the shuttle bus to get back to our room.  While on this vacation Zoey was on a plane, rode in a taxi, a bus, an airport tram, a monorail, and a boat.  She had as much fun on those forms of transportation as she did on some of the rides at Disney I think!

Here are some shots of Zoey's bed at the Little Nemo Suite.  Every morning the housekeepers made up the bed and propped up Zoey's Larry and Baby Pooh together.

Here was our fancy soaps...

After chilling for a bit in our room and having dinner it stopped raining so we headed out for some late night swimming fun and some exploring of the rest of our resort.  Here is the open bar that was beside the pool where we were staying.

This was right next to us and part of the Arts of Animation Resort.  This was the Cars section called Radiator Springs.  There was also a Lion King Section and then the single room section was the Little Mermaid theme.

Here is Radiator Springs...

And the pool with road cones that you can sit in...

After exploring for a bit it was time to SWIM!

Day four consists of our time spent in Tarpon Springs, Florida which was so fun for me to share with Zoey since I have such special memories of that place from when I was little.  I still can't believe we were there!!!

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