This was the last full weekend that we all will be available and around for some fun family time so we wanted to make the most of it.  It was a beautiful day here so I suggested that we look into renting a kayak. We ended up finding a local rental for less than $30 and rented a kayak for the day and it was so much fun!!

Zoey wasn't too sure of it at first.  She has canoed before with us and with family but a kayak is a bit smaller...

She did get used to it pretty quick though!

Stopping at all the little islands scattered along the way helped I think!  She loved being able to get out and walk around and swim in the shallow parts.  We ended up putting the kayak in at a lake that is less than 3 miles from our house and whenever we take time to do a bit of exploring like this it always amazes me that this is where we get to call home.  We are so lucky.

She also found a great wizard wand on witch island nonetheless!

The water was so clear too, just another reminder of what a beautiful place we live in.

Here was another stop we made...Zoey's foot was asleep so we were able to get her out for a bit again to take care of that.  I ended up having some fun taking some photos as well.

This was the perfect way for us to spend our "last weekend together" for the summer before school starts. We still have several days here and there, just not a full weekend with no obligations or commitments so this was nice and just what we needed.  Thankful that the weather cooperated with us! Here's to more summer family memories like this!

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