4th Grade


Pretty safe to say that I was more nervous than she was this year.  At registration we found out that she had a new teacher and a new hire and for some reason all that unknown put a little fear in my heart for Zoey.  Fourth grade is such a big year and I didn't even have a face to put to her new teacher!  Fast forward to a week later at the meet-n-greet where we were supposed to meet the teacher...we were at the school and the power went out due to a storm we were having right when we were in the school gym for the assembly!  Next stop was to her locker and classroom. She put away her school supplies in the complete dark and we met her new teacher in pitch darkness!!! Still wasn't sure how to feel about things after that chaotic event.  :)

Well, was the big day...she was finally going to get to meet her teacher.

I wondered all day how she was doing, did she like her teacher...was she picking up right where she left off with classmates?  Who did she sit by at lunch, did she have enough time to eat at lunch?

She came home all smiles!  She loves her teacher and loves, loves, loves, that there is a reading corner in her classroom this year with comfy chairs and a carpet and a library right in the room. Her teacher even told her to share what books she is interested in and she might be able to get them in the classroom for her.  :)  Zoey was impressed with that!

Does this backpack look familiar?  It should...this is year 3 I think that it's been in use.  It's been a good one for her and still isn't too babyish for 4th grade...phew!

It was so fun hearing all about her day after school today...especially being that she was so happy and can't wait to go back tomorrow.  Her highlights of the day?  Playing Math Football in the classroom and then tag in gym (she was also tickled to discover that she will have gym and music EVERY day this year!).  She also shared with me that her teacher has lots and lots of really cool games in the classroom and that she gets to bring a water bottle to drink from in class!!  Pretty cool!

I'm feeling so thankful that all my worry and concerns seem to be for naught.  Hoping that her enthusiasm continues.  And most of all, I want to remember that above all else...

As we start another school year I want to remind myself to not get caught up in the race of worrying about "where Zoey is at" compared to her peers but rather to see WHO SHE IS standing right in front of me.  She is caring and compassionate and so filled with love.  My job is to nurture that and to help her grow while encouraging and fostering her excitement of learning all throughout the year.

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