An Old Fashioned Sleigh Ride


I am trying to play catch-up a bit here on my blog as you can probably tell. December sadly has been a blur thus far. Working too much. Too much to do. And I haven't done a thing in the kitchen for Christmas baking! Ethan and I haven't done any shopping for one another yet. Thankfully Zoey is about done so we're safe there. Ethan and I don't need much anyway.

These pictures were actually taken the Saturday after Thanksgiving...I took Zoey downtown when I was done with work that day to enjoy some of the Christmas festivities that they had going on. It was cold and damp but I'm glad we did it. It's kind of a special little tradition that we have since moving here. Usually we go with friends but they were out of town so it was just Zoey and I.

Love her so much...

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