Christmas Celebration with Friends


Another one of our little traditions is getting together with some special friends to decorate gingerbread houses and have a little "Doll Christmas". This year we just snuck it in on a Sunday afternoon. Thankfully we did because soon in, a day after...we got sick! Still recovering and not in the clear yet. Zoey missed four days of school this week! Not fun!

But back to what was fun...


Zoey prepared the doll table to get ready for the guests...pretty nice spread don't you think?

She also had fun dressing up some of her dolls so they were festive as well.

I got out the doll Christmas decorations and we had fun together getting things ready and all set. Our shoe box fireplace is perhaps my favorite decoration. I'm pretty impressed that it's still in one piece after moving and being under Zoey's bed for some time...Leo chewed on one corner of it but you can't tell when we put up the tinsel. :)

Hoping we feel better soon...sadly we are thinking Zoey is going to have to miss The Nutcracker this year. A first. Hoping to do something else special with her to take away a bit of her sadness. It's not fair to be sick and to have to miss something that she was looking forward to all season.

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