Some Crafty Goodness...


This past weekend I was blessed with having some time to play in my craft room. It's been awhile to say the least. I relished every minute! And now when I talk to my dad on the phone and he asks me if I've been working on any creative projects I can finally answer with a YES! I love how he always makes a point to ask me that...he knows how important it is to me!

I pulled out my Silhouette machine as you can probably tell. I used it for every single one of these projects. I've also been getting a subscription to Scrapbook Circle again and most of the papers were used from previous kits from them. Love their kits!

The apron card might be my favorite card made's so cute! I think it would be cute using red and an aqua blue too...with a bit of white. I just might have to make some more!

 And this little bear is Zoey's favorite card...I have to admit, it did turn out pretty cute!

I had fun creating these two little thank-you cards for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. (If you are reading this Ann or Serena please know they are in the mail to you!).

And then the last card was this little simple one for my dad. The photo is a bit off in color (the red is more red and not so much of a tomato red in real life) as I was taking photos at night but you get the idea.

It felt so good to create again! Makes me want to make a point to carve out some creative time every make a point of it. After I clean up my craft room that is!

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