Project 365 - Happy New Year!


I'm going to try this year to participate in Capture Your 365. I love that the first prompt was "Good Morning" this photo was taken this morning out of the window in my craft room. I can't tell you how many days pass by that I have the recurring thought that I wish I could spend my day shooting...well, no more excuses! This year I'm going to try and carve a bit of time each day to do what it is that I love. Even if it's just a random shot before bedtime on a busy day. I know I can do it and truly want to get in the habit of shooting. We shall see what it brings!

New Year's Eve was interesting this year...neither Ethan or I made it to New Year's Eve. I was up early working yesterday and actually took a nap after dinner (something that I never do!!) and STILL didn't make it until midnight! I'm officially old!! This morning we slept in and enjoyed waffles and bacon for breakfast and will hopefully bring in the new year by spending the first day of 2015 together as a family. It's nice to have the day off from work to spend together. 

Here's to a happy and healthy 2015!

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