New Year's Day - 2015


After sleeping in a bit and enjoying our breakfast and partaking in a leisurely morning, Zoey and I decided to head outside for some snowshoeing and playing in the snow. These pictures are taken in the woods that is beyond our backyard. We have yet to walk to the end of these woods...I always chicken out thinking we will run into some sort of angry animal or that we may get lost. Zoey assured me that we would be able to find our way back today since the snow was there and we would leave tracks. So today we ventured our furthest away to date.

I realized once we were a a bit of a ways into the woods that I had the wrong lens on my camera for what I wanted to shoot, but I tried to work with it and feel that I still got some nice shots, mostly close-ups.

It was fun to pull out our snowshoes from last year again. Love them!

One of Zoey's favorite things in our woods is this huge fallen tree. It is pretty magical when you see it in the thick of the trees. It was fun getting to see it covered in snow too.

Perfect spot to do some thinking or just to listen to the birds...I'm so happy that she has little places to do this.

After our adventuring we came home and Zoey had some cocoa and finished up reading a Babysitter's Club book. She reads those books in a few hours time lately! I checked out two for her from the library on Wednesday and they are both finished and she has a list of more she wants me to get for her tomorrow! Such a little reader!

As dinnertime approached Ethan and I were having a hard time deciding what it was that we should have for our New Year's Day dinner. We couldn't agree on anything and didn't really feel like much. I said, "Would it be crazy if we had ice cream sundaes for dinner?" And low and behold he said no! So ice cream sundaes for dinner it was!

What a crazy New Year's Day dinner this was! I'm pretty sure Zoey thought we had lost our marbles completely!

After our ice cream...we had POPCORN! :)

What a fun start to 2015!

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Happysuz said...

I love having Ice Cream Sundaes for dinner! What a nice treat! You took lovely photos in the woods. I'm in the Boston area and can't wait for some real snow. I did a similar 365 photo challenge in 2010. It was great and I made a nice coffee table book out of it that I love. Good luck with it!