Project 365 (Days 5 - 8)

Doing a little bit of catch up here posting my photos for Capture Your 365. Pretty sure this is how it's going to be during the work week for me since things tend to get so busy. And I'm okay with that, the point is that I'm still shooting, which is the ultimate goal. Here are my pictures for days 5 - 8.

1/05/15 Capture Your 365 photo challenge, "ensemble". Took a picture of a small grouping of my crafting goodies. I love arranging them in fun and creative ways in my craft room. I like seeing what I have because that way I am more apt to actually use them.

1/06/15 Capture Your 365 photo challenge, "where I stand". For this photo prompt I took a picture of me standing at the stove in my slippers. How many times do I do this? Daily.

1/07/15 Capture Your 365 photo challenge, "solitude". I LOVE my alone time. Most of my closest friends know this about me...they respect that about me but they also hound me to get together with them sometimes too.  This is where I love to go to spend my alone time. My craft room. Drinking tea or coffee in this cozy space and creating is what I love to do with my free time. That or spend time out in the woods...but it's too cold to take a picture outside today so this is what I opted to share.

1/08/15 Capture Your 365 photo challenge, "my gear". Right now my daily gear consists of my down filled winter coat, mittens, my hand knit hat and winter boots. My purse and my trusty library bag filled with books go out the door with me daily as well.

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