Project 365 (Days 9 & 10)

Yesterday Zoey had an impromptu sleepover at a friends house. I went to go pick her up after play practice and the evening proceeded like this:

5:00pm (after play practice) - "Mom, can I go out to eat with [friend] and her parents?
6:30pm (calling on the phone) - "Mom, can I go to a movie with [friend] and her parents?

6:45pm (calling back on the phone) - "Mom, can I stay overnight at [friend's] house? 

So last night was a pretty quiet one for me since I was home alone, just me and the dog! I wish I could say I did something productive but I ended up eating Chinese food for my dinner and then cashing out on the couch! 

Here are my photos for the last two days of the photo challenge that I am taking part in for Capture Your 365:

1/09/15 Capture Your 365 photo challenge, "multifaceted". My ring.

1/10/15 Capture Your 365 photo prompt, "habit". It's safe to say that my habit is drinking (and enjoying) a cup of coffee every day. Usually two cups in the morning and a cup of tea (or cocoa) in the evening.

This afternoon I went upstairs and walked into this scene. I love that she's not too old for tea parties.

And that she still lets me take her picture.

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