Outside Play (and Thank You Grandma and Grandpa!)


Zoey was finally able to put to use some of her Christmas gifts that she received from her grandparents (Ethan's folks) with the nicer weather we had last weekend (we are back to snow here now for the time being!)...first up were her roller skates. At school they are skating in gym class which means Zoey is obsessed with wanting to practice now. In the gym at school they hung a disco ball and Zoey thinks that is pretty cool too...definitely adds to the atmosphere I am told.

After she was done testing our her skates in the driveway we got out this fun toy that she got from her grandpa Ken. I don't even know what to call it but it sure is fun!

I might have tried my hand at this as well!

We discovered that it's fun to try and catch the arrows when they fall back down since they are pretty light and soft.

It's always fun to get outside once spring makes itself known to us! We sure are doing our best at trying to "think spring", wish the weather would cooperate with us!

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