Rain Forest LIVE Show!


This week Zoey had a half day of school on Monday and we attended a science night, art show and a special rain forest presentation later that evening at her school and the rain forest portion was so cool! I thought I would share pictures here of the rain forest show. It truly was spectacular!


I didn't get pictures of Zoey's art work because there were so many people enjoying the evening at school and walking through the library and halls where the work was displayed but we are so proud and happy for the work that Zoey has done this year! She has truly blossomed and is thriving this year creatively speaking and it's due to her amazing art teacher that she has this year. She actually has a stretched canvas painting that is going to be auctioned off at the end of the school year! So proud of her!

And here is Zoey with her science project on Geo-tropism. All the students had their project boards on display so parents could look at them and then today the kids all went to the Sustainability Fair in Rhinelander with their projects to share them there as well! So exciting!

In the picture above she is in her classroom and the one below was shared with me by one of her teachers while at the Sustainability Fair.

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