Our Start to the Week


I knew the weather was going to be pretty nice today and sunny (compared to the rest of the week that looks chilly and rainy) so had hoped that we would have time to carve our pumpkins at some point today. In the middle of school (for Zoey) and my having to do some food prep for my upcoming Zombie Bash library program (making jello brains and pretzel zombie fingers) we were able to do it!

I know that after the Zombie Bash tomorrow I will feel better about life + school things...I always get a bit harried when I've got so much stuff going on at work. Taking a break to carve pumpkins today was just the thing to keep me in check though. It was so nice to feel the sunshine on my face and get a little messy with my girl. She might have jumped in some leaf piles at some point this afternoon too. Lovin' life!