Sunday Night Scrapbooking


I have been having some fun lately pulling out some oldies from my scrapbook supplies and thus am feeling inspired to create again. It helps that I have some fun photos to print out too!

I love that I am taking time to enjoy crafting again. It's interesting how doing one little simple thing like this for oneself can bring happiness into the picture, which in turn can then spill over into your life in many other ways. I've been noticing that I'm feeling happier in general throughout the past few days that I've made the time to fit some craftiness into the picture.

Evenings are seemingly my ideal "craft" time around here lately. We'll see if that changes once the holidays start approaching.

 As far as the nitty gritty life stuff lately...I'm gearing up for some library programming here in the next couple of days, specifically I'm putting on a Zombie Bash for tweens which is a lot of work, but will be fun (I hope!). Tomorrow I'll be making some jello brain molds, zombie fingers, eyeballs and more. 

Zoey is going through her closet and today actually separated out all of her clothes that are too small...I'm kind of cringing at the piles. How does this happen? I'm thankful though that she took the initiative to take on this project herself because now it's done. 

Might be a busy week! Hope it proves to be a fruitful one. 
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