Afternoon Hike


It got up to 55 degrees today, it's actually the second day in a row here with warmer temps so Zoey and I made sure to make a point to get outside this afternoon and enjoy it. The smell! The smell of spring is like nothing else...the dirt, the scent of the drying wood from the trestle bridge that we crossed and trees...I just love it! There is nothing like the smell of the first thaw of spring.

We hiked along the Bearskin Trail and while it wasn't the most beautiful (with all the mud and puddles) it sure was a welcome sight to behold. While hiking we had three adult eagles fly directly overhead. Last spring we discovered an eagles' nest on this trail and we found today that it's still in use. One eagle flew overhead with a fish in it's clutches, dripping water over us...simply amazing.

It was kind of a crazy weekend...not feeling the best mentally, so it really did my heart good to get outside and spend some quality time using these lungs of mine, along with my beautiful and amazing daughter. I never, ever, want to take advantage of this life of mine. It makes me so sad when I see individuals that are so caught up in themselves, in the importance of  the race that can be life according to what society tells us, in the details that are meant to trip you up and keep you so busy that you will never succeed the way you think you are supposed to. There will never be happiness only comes from you, not some outside source, more money, more recognition, or from some other person. From within. It's a decision. You have to decide to see it. To live it. To be it.

There is so much beauty in the world.

In my world.

I will always choose to see it.

I will never, ever, let anyone paint my skies anything other than how it is I choose to see them.

A quote from a favorite song...

And I'm sorry that you don't like your life
I fought for my own victories and for the beauty in my life
My joy, my joy, my joy takes nothing from you
no, my joy, my joy takes nothing from you

and the actual song. Pretty much an anthem, these days. I also adore Littlest Birds by the Be Good Tanyas. Littlest Birds was playing on the radio when we drove back home from our afternoon of hiking. Driving home with the windows down and that sweet music playing, made me smile both on the inside and out. 

And these women. #girlpower #wegotthis #myjoytakesnothingfromyou

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and the ability to see the beauty that surrounds you.