Rainy Days + Fun Finds


It's been rainy here lately, kind of strange since usually at the end of February we're still in the thick of winter. I've heard though that we are supposed to get more snow this coming weekend, but until then, I will dream of spring while I can! I was bookmarking some favorite finds that would be perfect for this in-between weather that we've been having lately. I wore a dress one day to work last week and a skirt on another, but it looks like I'll be back to pants again here for the rest of the week since it's definitely going to be chilly again. Boo...hoo. These Hunter rain boots sure would come in handy though! I didn't realize that they came in both wide leg and/or short boot styles. Loving the field jacket too, I actually have a friend that gave me a similar one but it's a bit heavier so I don't wear it often. I also like how this one from Gap is longer than the one that I have. Do you have any recent fashion finds that you're excited about?

I've been cleaning out my closet in little stolen moments that I have here and there. This week I was able to take care of cleaning out a lot on Monday while Zoey had a friend over. I've been hanging on to clothing that is three different sizes just in case they will fit "someday". Well, someday is a day that I'm waiting for no longer! I have a HUGE bag filled and ready to go to Thred Up this week. It feels so good to have a more organized and functional closet! I'm really going to try and be more intentional about what pieces I purchase from this point forward. I did find some clothing that Zoey begged to keep, like this suit jacket that I probably wore before she was born and when I was working in a more professional environment.

She looks pretty cute in it, even if it is several sizes too big for her! She looks even more grown up while drinking her tea and reading. :)

Speaking of reading, it's been awhile since I've been able to find myself in the middle of a good book. One that I don't want to put down or can't wait to get back to. My current read is Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson. I just started it last night and am into it already. I also have home from the library the book titled, Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller.

This week we've been busy with school, appointments, and I've been dealing with a pulled  muscle in my back the past few days and some drama with the dog (unexpected vet appointments!)...not fun! Hoping to finish out the week with as minimal fanfare as possible.

Wishing you the best!