And a Happy 4th it was!


Just sharing some quick photos from the 4th of July parade this year. The weather was perfect, we are so thankful that it didn't rain! Here are Zoey and some of her friends from her dance company before the parade...

and here they are in the parade.

Even though Zoey is now thirteen and the teenager status is official...there was still interest in trying to get candy when they were able to sit with us for the remainder of the parade. Interesting.

After the parade we got a ride back to our parked car in an argo by one of Ethan's co-worker/friend's which was pretty fun and much appreciated! I had never been in one before and either had Zoey so it as something new to add to our list.

Once home, we started up a fire and enjoyed cooking out and eating outside and just having some family time. Afterwards, Zoey and I braved the traffic and ventured back downtown to watch the fireworks where she met up with another friend at the park. We enjoyed the fireworks sitting down near the waters edge on a blanket that I brought.

Pretty perfect!