Cleaned my Craft Space!


I've been itching to get my craft space organized in a way that could possibly, (hopefully) serve as a desk space for homeschooling AND a crafting area for my scrapbooking and cardmaking hobby. I wasn't able to utilize the space for crafting much at all last year during the school year just due to the way I had it set up. I didn't have enough table-top space for actual work space. Hoping this set-up will be a little more user friendly! The printer and my Silhouette are both on the desk behind the one that you can see pictured in the front. There is also room for my laptop there as well. I also moved my basket of favorite patterned papers on top of my little side table there, (before it was on the floor in a corner)...that way it's more visibly inspiring and easier to look through too!

Hoping this will serve me well in regards to organization and feeling inspired to create!