Summer Road Trip - Black Hills Institute Museum


We are getting closer to the end of all of our vacation photos...please hang in there! Just wanting to make sure my parents get to see these and that Zoey has access to them down the road here on the blog. She loves looking back at photos on here. Which makes  my heart happy.


Dinosaurs, skeletons, bones, fossils, rocks and gemstones...what more could Zoey ask for in a dream come true scenario?

She was in awe and pretty much absolute heaven while here. She had some spending money that was all hers for the trip and this is where she spent some of it. She saved the rest and brought it home for her piggy bank. So that should tell you just how much she loved this place. Her purchases were a t-shirt that has the periodic table of elements on it and a small bottle of genuine gold and another of silver.

I'm just going to share photos for the rest of this post. Just know that this was a place we ended up spending some time in. A very enjoyable little stop!