Christmas 2017


Our Christmas was a little bit different this year...we had some sad news from friends and family health-wise, and it just made things difficult. If I'm being honest, my heart really struggled this year when it came to feeling the joy of the season. That coupled with not being able to see my parents or able to enjoy time at home with my family over their break from school made for extra feelings of disappointment.

My favorite memories of this year weren't from Christmas day, but rather from some of the moments leading up to it. One afternoon over break Ethan took Zoey to a neighboring town and surprised her by getting an old guitar re-stringed (the guitar was given to Zoey by a family friend) and also purchased an amp to go with. She was SHOCKED to say the least. The guitar has been sitting at our house with no strings for a long time. It was awesome watching Ethan teaching Zoey how to string the instrument, clean the instrument and then getting to watch them both playing it.

 I love that Zoey still set out a plate of cookies for Santa along with a note.

And another favorite...perhaps the best part for me, was having time to make homemade cut-out sugar cookies with Zoey. It took the better half of a day, we didn't ever get out of our pajamas on this day (or shower) and it was worth it.

If anything, this Christmas made all of us realize that we need to cherish the mundane, the regular, the everyday. It is so very good.

We are blessed.