Winter Fun | Scrapbook Layout


I cleaned up my scrap space this afternoon and then had to mess it right back up again creating this little layout! :) It's my routine, mess it up...clean it up, mess it right back up again.

Zoey was hit hard with a stomach bug here this week which meant extra craziness for me. I missed some hours of my shift on Thursday at the library as I wasn't comfortable leaving her home alone when not feeling well, and that meant I went in early on Friday to try and re-coup those hours since it's Christmastime and well, every penny counts this time of year. Not a fun week! Hoping that I don't end up coming down with it now here this week. However I know that if anyone does, it will be me. I was right in the line of fire for all of it after all. Blah..blah. Not fun to be sick!!'s to hoping for good health and good cheer, (I think I may need well wishes for both!).