Happy Pumpkin | Scrapbook Layout


I had so much fun putting this multi-photo layout together! Sometimes pages can get pretty busy when using lots of photos and not implementing a two page spread but I think this one works. I made it a bit more cohesive by adding the patterned papers to the top and the bottom of the photo block.

I added dimension by layering several other elements on top of my block of photos. The chipboard pieces, arrows, die-cuts, words, etc. all add a little bit of interest to keep your eye centered and resting on the photos.

I love these pictures! I can't believe that they are from this post way back in 2015! All of a sudden I am super glad that I have continued to attempt at keeping up the old blog all these years. It's super handy to look back and recall exactly where and when my photos are from. Also, it helps that Zoey still loves reading and looking back at all of our memories. I do too!

I'm realizing more and more that social media (Facebook especially) will come and go in the way of fads and marketing (yourself, craft, business, beliefs, etc.) but I think taking photos and writing via blogging is something more authentic and serves more purpose for me. It's a way to share in a way that's not so "in your face" and feels like it is something more creative than something that's purpose is solely for that of others taking notice. I enjoy it. It feels like it's something that's mine. I'm so excited to be back and making more of a point to make it part of my weekly routine again.