Love You | Scrapbook Layout + Pictures from Summer Adventures


I had a little bit of fun with this layout. I used lots of colorful papers, machine stitched on my paper, even cut out some fabric scraps for it! I also used a thick marker style pen for my handwritten journaling surrounding my photo and papers. I didn't worry about "perfection" here, just had some fun! 

When taking these photos it was pretty dark and rainy so the pictures are a bit grainy. You still can get the gist of the layout though.

Love this picture of Zoey and I from this summer. We were exploring out at Cathedral Point. A place that we hadn't ever been before and truly just stumbled on one afternoon when I made a turn down a road I had never been down before. Here are some more pictures from that day...

This is hands down my new favorite place to hike and swim now. I can't believe we've lived here for as long as we have now and never knew about this place. It's so quiet and untouched. Absolutely beautiful.

We were the only ones swimming in an area that isn't really a "beach" but was the perfect little swim spot. Zoey and I both share the same temperament of enjoying spots that are a bit off the beaten path and away from large crowds. Thankful for that. 

The trees were positively huge. Towering over us they made you feel so very small. Love it when things in life make you realize just how amazing our world is. Always great reminders for living out truths and those things that are meaningful.

Before heading out for the day and after swimming, we were packing up our things and Zoey pointed out something that caught her eye...

yep! Just your typical water snake! A Northern Water Snake to be exact! We actually saw two of them. One of them was in the process of eating something and we could see whatever the something was working it's way down the body of the snake. Creepy but cool!

This place was such a great find! Some of our favorite memories from this summer happened out here. I can't wait to get out there again soon to see the fall colors and how everything looks covered in snow here in a bit as well. We are so lucky to call this place home. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think this.