Card Cut Mini | Mini-Book


Whenever I see a mini-book created by Paige Taylor Evans I know that I want to try and make one myself! When she shared her cut file for this mini card cut book I knew it was one that I would take a stab at. 

It looks a little overwhelming at first but when you break it down bit by bit it was truly a piece of cake! Watching her tutorial video on YouTube helped a ton. 

I'm a sucker for little spaces that hold little the mini envelope pictured above! So cute and so very easy to assemble using the cut file. Cool thing now too is that since I have the cut file for this project, I can cut out as many mini envelopes as I want using my Silhouette Cameo! Bonus!

The little fold-out mini that's attached is fun too...there are more pictures of it opened up further down in this blog post but here you can see the front of it and the little tab that holds it in place.

The floral cut was a bit fussy for my machine, I'm not the most tedious person when it comes to making sure things are perfect so you can see a little bit of fuzziness going on there where I didn't get all of the cuts just right.

There is even a little pocket for mini tags!

Here is a shot of the accordion portion un-folded.

I ADORE how this mini turned out! I didn't get any pictures of it standing up, but you can display it that way too which is special as well. So often mini-books are just sitting closed up somewhere, this is fun because you can set it out to be viewed if you like.

Truly had fun putting this together! I hope you share yours with me if you decide to make a version of this yourself. I'd love to see it!