Decorating the Tree | Scrapbook Layout


I had fun putting this scrapbook page together the other day while Zoey was at work. I had fun mixing up the fonts within my title, sometimes I forget to play around when it comes to working my alphas into the design!

Love all the little details on the die-cuts, like the glittered border on the above tag.

The picture of Leo (our dog) cracks me up. He is a total poser.

Crossing my fingers here...but I may be officially on the mend from whatever it was that I was inflicted with. Last night I only got hives on my shoulder and arm (which is a big decrease in what I've been experiencing) AND perhaps the most exciting thing, I was able to eat dinner without getting sick! I'm still eating pretty bland things, but it was a real honest to goodness meal which is amazing! I don't think too many people actually lose weight during the holidays! I'm so ready to be healthy again.

Off to help Zoey with some school before I head into an evening of work at the library.