Snowflakes Scrapbook Layout


Things have been so incredible crazy and stressful here lately. My dad is still struggling with his living situation (living alone with Parkinson's disease) and my sisters and I are trying to help him figure something out which means visits with assisted living facilities, conversations with social workers, doctors, etc. and dealing with a whole slew of emotions that seem to change by the minute for all involved. It's really been eye opening and disheartening coming to the realization of just how difficult it is for the aging, let alone the aging and somehow health impaired community. So frustrating! 

In all of this I've been continuing on doing my thing which these days consists of working part-time as a teen librarian, homeschooling my daughter (full-time) when at home, playing taxi driver for her to get her to all of the places she needs to go (dance twice a week, guitar lessons, multiple practices for the musical she's in, and work) and the tasks of "keeping house" which pretty much runs the gamut. I'm finding that if I don't take some of that already jam packed scheduled time out for something that's just for me, my stress levels will heighten to pretty extreme levels and things fall apart. Not just for me, but pretty much for everyone around me. So...I'm really trying to be intentional about finding pockets of time for things that bring me a bit of peace of mind. Things that bring me back to me. Sometimes that's reading a book, baking something or trying out a new recipe for my family, scrapbooking, blogging or even just slowing down and taking 20 minutes to do pilates with Zoey in the living room. I am so much better off for it! Today I was able to finally sit down and create a bit for just about a half an hour or so, but that little time made a world of difference in my day. 

I got a pair of fringing scissors for christmas, it was actually the only thing on my wish list and today was the first time I was able to sit down and try them out. I love them. You can safely expect to see several projects in the near future featuring fringe haha!

It's been awhile since I've hand written my journaling on a scrapbook layout. Today I simply did because I didn't have my laptop downstairs (where I was working) and didn't want to take the time to go get it, set it up, mess with the printer, etc. but I actually like the handwritten look on this page. It serves it's own purpose. Pages like this force me to pause and remember that I'm important too. That I change and evolve and have little moments that are just mine, all alone, despite the craziness of what is going on in my day to day life. 

I also got started on a little community outreach/random act of kindness project that Zoey and I are going to be working on for an area assisted living center and hope to share more about that soon!

Enjoy and peaceful and cozy afternoon! Hopefully you get to carve out some time that's just for you at some point today.