Valentine RAKS


With my dad needing to arrange a new living arrangement here in the near future I've been visiting different possibilities for him in or around my area which actually gave me an idea for this little project that I've since roped Zoey into as well. I had been wanting to create some valentines (because I have some super cute papers that feature this theme) but felt kind of silly doing so now that we don't really have many people to give valentines to (with Zoey being older and not exchanging with classmates as much). After visiting one of the assisted living facilities last week I had the thought as I was driving away in my car that Zoey and I should make valentines to give away as random acts of kindness (RAKS) to the individuals living in the facility that perhaps don't have family that visits regularly. 

We've only just started and the cards are going to be pretty simple in design, but my hope is that they will brighten someone's day that might need it. We're going to just sign the cards with a "Happy Valentines Day from Jenny and Zoey" and leave it at that.

It's exciting to think about making someone feel happy on this cold and dismal winter day!