Documenting Me


In keeping theme with making sure to carve out some time that's just for me I've been working on this new mini album which I envision just being home to a little documenting me type of thing. I'm using the habit themed Story Kit from Ali Edwards for assembling the core of the album. Also, I'm having fun being challenged with the 3x8 size format...something I've never done before. At first I found that I was pretty much paralyzed when starting this project just due to the size of the canvas I had to work with. It was perplexing and I was worrying about doing it "right" which was frustrating. Finally I just spread everything out on my desk and started printing photos in various sizes and that got me over the initial hump. 

I'm loving working with the acrylic divider pages! I think it's been years since I've played with acrylic transparency type of pages on a project. Maybe back when I was working with some of Diane Reeves' products. Too long! I forgot how it brings an element of fun and surprise to a project, being able to layer and see hints of something through the pages. 

I also am pulling out some of my older Cocoa Daisy stamp sets for parts of this too which is fun. 

I love the challenge of figuring out how it is that I'm going to use the space that I have for these pages. It forces me to be more selective with the photos I'm using and the words that I'm sharing. 

Loving the cork board hearts too...

These are just a few pages of the start of my album that I was able to put together over this past weekend, I am so looking forward to carving out more time to add to this book and I will share here as I can!

Have a great week!