Documenting Me (cont.)


Quickly sharing some more pages from my documenting me album using mostly items from the habit themed Story Kit from Ali Edwards. I purchased additional acrylic dividers for my album and I'm so glad that I did because they may be one of my favorite parts of the album! Loving sticking little things to them and how they just add a little something extra to the look of it. The dividers all have different patterns printed in white on them.

Loving the sentiments on the story cards included in the kit as well. I especially appreciate this one featuring old habit/new habit. I like thinking about things in this way...old vs. new. The way things have been and the way I want things to be. Love it.

The rubber circles with sentiments are fun too. The whole direction of this album and the things I want to say are definitely supported in all of the pieces included in this story kit. The star foiled patterned cardstock that I cut down for some pages and elements in this book is from Bazzill.

I'm really trying to focus on not feeling too pressured when it comes to putting these pages together. To just let whatever is inspiring to me or whatever it is that I want to express come out on the page and not worry too much if everything is cohesive and perfect. I'm just trying to embrace the beauty of the time that I'm taking to sit down and work on this and to appreciate that it's something just for me.

This has been a crazy couple of days weather-wise for us here in Northern Wisconsin. We've had several days of below zero temps, followed with an ice storm and then we got dumped on with snow! Here are some pictures from the ice shellacked pretty much everything.