Three Things Scrapbook Layout


This morning I watched the second session of Ali's Hello Story 2 class and felt inspired to put this page together afterwards. I didn't really follow any of her visual guides for the page but rather created a list for my journaling of the story. I'm really enjoying her products and the class material that she is providing. They are really getting me excited to look at my pages a bit differently and go back and print some older photos that I haven't scrapped to better tell the story that I now am finding that I want to tell.

To be completely honest, as I was putting this page together I was thinking that I wasn't completely loving the design. I don't was feeling a bit too spead out or a bit haphazard in the design perhaps. I loved listening to Ali's take on this in this morning's class session too. She shared that she too will sometimes feel this as she's working on a layout but that she just continues to work through it and will find later on that when looking back through her albums, some of the ones that she didn't love immediately were ones that grew on her and that she ended up liking later on.

In the past if I didn't love something that I created, I would stick it in an album but most likely wouldn't share it online. I'm choosing to just go with the flow and move on from here on out.

I need to remember that the most important thing is that I'm getting my photos into albums and adding to the story that is our life. That's what it's really all about.

Love the middle photo of Leo and Zoey. He usually doesn't look that agreeable in it's somewhat of a rare shot you could say! Love how he has such a huge personality.

Things that are making me happy today include having a little time to create in my craft room, finishing up our taxes, getting my car back from getting the brakes fixed and discovering some of the parts were still under warranty and making the executive decision to get take-out for dinner since it's just going to be Zoey and I tonight. I'll still have to make Ethan something when he gets home later tonight, but Zoey and I are going to enjoy some fish and chips! Her favorite lately.

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