Transitions Scrapbook Layout


This is kind of a hard page to share. I was actually literally working on this layout when I received the phone call that my dad fell (this fall ultimately resulted in his passing). It felt so hard to be journaling about the transition that I was feeling about becoming more of a caregiver/adult rather than child to my father and then to have him pass so shortly thereafter. It was kind of eerie to be honest. My sisters and I were right in the midst of helping him decide if he would be moving, selling his building, or obtaining more in-home care, etc. when this all came to pass. 

I'm kind of glad that I was scrapbooking when this all came about. I ended up leaving this sit on my desk for a good month and a half after my dad died. It was all too much to think about and felt almost frivolous to "scrapbook" after something so huge and sad happened in my life. And to be honest I wasn't in the right mind to even think about doing so at the time. But, ultimately...scrapbooking and creating is the very thing that my dad would want me to be doing (when in the right head space) and what it is that I should be doing to get through the grieving process. I added to the journaling which is kept private but being housed in a clear envelope behind my picture. Those that get Ali's kits know these envelopes well! (They actually hold all of the kit contents when shipped.) 

It feels good to have this page completed and tucked away in an album. 

Love you so much Dad.