New Traditions



I started a new tradition this year. When I was little, at every single Christmas most of my presents were wrapped in silver paper with green and white candles, poinsettias, etc. When my half-sisters came for Christmas (happened just a few times that I can recall) their gifts were wrapped in the same paper. It actually got to be kind of annoying as the years went on. Couldn't we get some new paper Dad?

My dad had heavy duty large rolls of white paper for drawing his blueprints for paintings on. When I was pretty young my mom had found a deal apparently on huge industrial rolls of this Christmas wrapping and had gotten tons of it. These large industrial sized rolls were kept in dad's studio right alongside his white rolled art paper. I saw them every day on his paper racks. When cleaning out dad's house we found just a small amount of this paper left, it was folded up like it must have been the tail end of the roll and he was hanging on to it. I of course took it just for the nostalgia of it and also, because I love paper.

We also found many writings by my dad. One was something that he wrote that he had labeled as "Seeds to Success". There are 25 total bulleted points (two are .5's). I printed these and put them in a small box along with a note that I wrote to dad.

I wrapped it up in the silver Christmas paper, it will go in the tree every year from this point forward. Another thing dad did for me every year when I was young was put together a mini scavenger hunt. Saving the best gift of all for the end, he would place the clue in the tree. So, this will be my "best gift of all" every year. Wrapped up with tons of love.


Vicky M. said...

Such a beautiful memory. We need to hold onto these, for us and our family.