The Grumpies


So, I'm getting over a lousy week. There, I've said I can move beyond it and hopefully blog again. I've attempted many posts over the past few days and have deleted all of them as they didn't really say what apparently I needed to say. It's funny, because I'll start writing what's on my mind and then immediately I'll think of how my Mom's friend "so and so" is reading or my second cousin through marriage, (is that even possible!?!?) is reading and then I immediately think to edit...because, (gasp!), I always want to be happy and seem as though things are "together". (It's really in my very nature to do this by the way). But, it seems that I need this place to remain entirely my express whatever I feel needs expressing whenever it needs expressing. Maybe that's how much I love Zoey, my family, and my friends one day...maybe it's music I want to share or maybe it's my dreams, big or little or maybe sometimes it's that I'm discouraged or disenchanted with life and the way things go at times. My week was disappointing and I'm ready to move on.

On a different note, (keeping theme with the "moving on")...we went to a Dr. Seuss celebration on Saturday which we all had lots of fun at. Lots of music, stories and games were sung, listened to and played. Afterwards we came home and discovered that Zoey got some AWESOME music in the mail from her SUPER-D-DUPER Grannie Annie! :) So, we had to put on our dancing clothes and dance, dance, dance! Got lots of fun pictures of this, but this for some reason is my favorite.

So, here's to moving on and dancing the grumpies away! :) Click HERE and then scroll down and listen to the song titled Tickle Time to get your groove on, (or back, in my case!).

Anne Thompson said...

Your pictures are really cool. I love the photo editing.