My Kits & Pieces


I am so excited to have been asked to join the team of freelance designers at My Kits & Pieces! Totally thrilled! I submitted my application a couple weeks ago and just found out recently that I was accepted. Really excited to be a part of the many talented ladies are there, it's going to be a fun experience. My Kits & Pieces offers an inexpensive base kit for people to purchase and then offers add-ons of embellishments and other goodies as well in different price ranges/sizes. Come join in on the fun at the forum too...if you do, please let me know that you're there!
milkcan said...

Yay! Go you! I'm very happy for you (and excited that we'll be working together!)

Essie said...

Congrats!! Friday I will start a really great RAK. Hope you will check it out. Love, es

Familie Kubben said...

Congratz! That is such great news! Enjoy it!