Do What You Love


I have been making a point to be more intentional when it comes to the ways that I'm spending my time lately and it's been amazing! Mostly choosing when to spend time online and choosing in advance how it is to use that time means I'm getting more things that I want to do done, and am not mindlessly perusing the inter-webs.
Some things that I'm being intentional with when it comes to time spent is ensuring that I'm available to Zoey while she's working on school stuff (this I've always been pretty good about, it's just still on my list), spending time reading, creating (whether it's baking or cooking for my family, menu-planning for the week, crafting, blogging, writing, etc.). I'm also being intentional with making a point every day to spend some portion of it outdoors. Sometimes it's just a simple walk with the dog and other days it's a longer hike somewhere other than at home. I'm also trying to say yes to people at least once a week when they ask me to go out and do something. This is kind of big for me. Probably sounds really silly, but I am an introvert at heart and a homebody on top of it, so when given the choice I will stay home every chance I get when not at work! Last week I went out for coffee with an old friend and on another day I went to a game night with a group of work friends. I enjoyed both outings, was a bit worn out after (just being truthful) but am glad I said yes to both opportunities.

Here is a layout that I created while spending some time being intentional with my craft time. I'm loving Ali's StoryKits and am finding that in using them I'm ending up journaling more on my pages which feels really good. Her words, quotes, and phrases often inspire a certain story or feeling to be shared. Love that. 

Well, after a bit of time tucked away in my craft room it's not time to make dinner and get ready to drive Zoey to and from dance class this evening!